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Council Proceedings – March 11, 2013

The Common Council for the City of Attica met on the 11th of March, 2013, at 7:00 P.M.

Those present were: Mr. Dale Wilson, Mr. Larry Askren, Mr. Larry Grant, Mr. William Craft, Mrs. Valarie Maus, Mayor Robert Shepherd, Mrs. Susan Stoll and Attorney Tom O’Connor.

A special presentation was made by Interim Police Chief Gene Snoeberger to award Officer Kyle Askren with a Bronze Merit Commendation which had been approved by the Merit Commission. Kyle was the first to arrive at the scene of the 309 W. Washington St. fire on February 26th. Kyle attempted to enter the residence and help rescue the occupants and his efforts showed great bravery which Chief Brewer wanted to recognize. Kyle, upon being asked to speak, thanked everyone.


Mr. Askren made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 11, 2013 meeting, seconded by Mrs. Maus and passed.


There were no Committee Reports to present.


Scott Gregory gave a list of people who are interested in volunteering for the Potawatomi Festival. They are going to have a meeting and Mayor Shepherd asked if he could attend the meeting and Scott said he will let him know of the time and place of their next meeting.


Mr. Jean was not present.

Mr. Snoeberger introduced everyone to new police officer, Matthew Dittmer. He reported that Officer Dittmer and 2 new reserves went through 40 hours of the pre-basic course. The 16 week Police Academy course will begin April 1st for Officer Dittmer.

Mr. O’Farrell reported that he is getting a repair estimate done on the aerial fire truck since it was damaged when a Williamsport fire vehicle backed into it. He reported that he is working on making sure that there are fire estinguishers and detectors in the Fire House. He also reported on working on his inventory list.

Mr. Dismore reported that he approved a demolition permit on 704 E. Taylor St.


A motion was made by Mrs. Maus to bring from the table Ordinance #2, 2013 (An ordinance amending Chapter 9, Article 6, Section 9 by the inclusion of Section 9-89 prohibiting the installation and use of new water wells within the City of Attica, IN.) Mr. Wilson seconded it. It was read for the 3rd and final time and was adopted by a vote of 5-0.

Mayor Shepherd brought from the table the proposed Personnel Manual. Some discussion took place regarding the issue of random drug testing. The Council had previously been concerned that our policy did not cover this issue but in fact there is an existing random drug testing policy in the manual. If the Council wishes to specify how the drug testing is to be done, the ordinance can be updated with those specifics. Larry Grant made a motion to adopt the Personnel Manual dated November 13, 2012. Larry Askren seconded it and it was adopted by a vote of 5-0.

Mayor Shepherd brought to the table the proposed Safety Manual. There was discussion of the policies surrounding confined spaces. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Grant expressed the need for our employees to be trained and for all safety equipment to be in place before entering confined spaces. Mayor Shepherd said that Chief O’Farrell is qualified to train and is making sure that we have all the proper equipment that we need. Mrs Maus made a motion to accept the Safety Manual as it was written. Larry Askren seconded the motion. The Safety Manual, dated February 13, 2013, was adopted by a vote of 5-0.


Mayor Shepherd spoke about the need for a city web site. He and Mrs. Stoll met with 2 companies. One proposal was very appealing but was cost prohibitive at $6200 for web site development and $180/mo. in maintenance costs. The second company was also appealing but more reasonable in cost at $5000 for web site development and around $65/mo. in maintenance costs. Mayor Shepherd proposed that this be paid out of Riverboat Gambling funds if the Council approved. Mr. Grant expressed his opinion that it was good business to have a web site and he felt it was needed. Mayor Shepherd said that the goal is to have a web site by July 2013 if approved. Mr. Askren made a motion to proceed with a web site and to pay for it with Riverboat Gambling funds. Mrs. Maus seconded the motion and it was passed 5-0.


Mrs. Stoll reported on the January Financial Report. She also thanked the Council for supporting the payment of former Clerk Treasurer, Mrs. Negele, for providing training for her.

Mr. Grant expressed concern about the property at 1110 N. Perry St. He reported that there is trash in the yard and an open door in the back of the property which reveals trash bags stacked up to the ceiling. Mr. Dismore suggested that he will visit the property. Mayor Shepherd suggested that he ask Greg Robinson, from the Health Department, to go with him if he is available


Meeting adjourned at 7:50